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Sexy GILF Gets Coned

sexy gilf
Of all things to happen to this sexy GILF; my air condition went on the blink.  I don’t know how hot it is in your world but it’s hotter than a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire here.
As I waited for the air conditioner repair man; I sat in the lounge chair with my bikini on.  This helped for a while but soon I could feel the sweat running between my boobs and collecting in my bikini bottom.  Remembering the ice cream and ice cream cones, I made myself a nice chocolate double-scoop cone.
I was sitting on the lounge chair when the repairman showed up.  As he opened up the ac unit I started enjoying my ice cream.  I licked all over the ice cream because it was trying to melt.  Slipping the ice cream into my mouth and slurping on the top caught the repairman’s eye.  He turned toward me and I could see the massive bulge in his pants.  I continued with my ice cream but couldn’t keep my eyes off his bulge.

My sexy GILF lips looked hot licking that cone

He walked over to me and asked me how he was supposed to work with me licking on the ice cream. It was just too much for him. I reached up and cupped the bulge I had been looking at.  Soon his clothes were off.  He lifted me and carried me to the pool. As he sat down on the second step he lowered me into the water he unhooked and removed the top of my bikini. I have an ice cream cone for you to enjoy he told me.

It was very thick with veins popping out; it was so hard and a mouth full for sure. Next, he pushed his dick between my boobs, and pushing made me fear he would get off before I got what I wanted.  I pushed away and removed the bottom of my bikini. Naked I walked up the steps pulling him with me.  I positioned him on the lounge and straddled him.  I rode his dick until it was completely dry and limp.

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