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Sexy Gilf Has Her Way With Naughty Neighbor Pt. 1

It was a typical Friday afternoon, my husband was at work like most days, and I was home alone, lounging being the sexy GILF as God intended me to be. The house was quiet, no more brats were left in the nest, so I had the whole place to myself.

I decided to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes- flirting with the handsome neighbor boy next door. He was a muscular, charismatic man in his early twenties, several years younger than me, and it was such a thrill to get him to do my bidding.

Although I would never admit just how much older this sexy GILF was

The previous week, I’d seen him washing his car in his driveway, and lured him over by asking him to help me fix a loose cabinet in my kitchen. He came over and eagerly set to work, and I took the opportunity to wear a figure-hugging dress and show off my ample cleavage, just a hint of lace beneath my neckline.

I knew he was watching me as I moved around the kitchen, and I bent over more than was necessary to pick things up off the floor. I could sense his desire rising, and it made me feel powerful, sexy, and in total control.

Soon enough, he’d finished fixing the cabinet, and I thanked him with a sultry smile and a lingering touch on his arm.
He blushed slightly, and I knew that I had him under my spell.
I’d planted the seed in his mind, and I couldn’t wait to see how it would grow.

Now, a week later, I was feeling daring and decided to seize the afternoon, my mind filled with naughty thoughts about what I could do with my neighbor boy. I put on a silk robe, leaving my lacy lingerie visible underneath, and opened the sliding door to the backyard, letting the warm spring breeze drift in.

I stepped out onto the deck and made my way to the side of the house, glancing back at my own sexy gilf reflection in the sliding door. My robe hugged my curves, the silk sensuous against my skin, and I felt powerful in my seductive attire.

I took a deep breath and casually brushed my hair back with my hand, giving the impression that I was enjoying the sun, not waiting for anyone. Within a few moments, I heard the sound of the side gate opening, and there he was- my handsome neighbor boy, his eyes wide and eager as he looked at me.

Electricity seemed to crackle in the air between us, and I smiled, enjoying the way his gaze raked over my body before meeting my eyes. He licked his lips nervously, and I felt my body respond to the sight of him, aroused by his nervous excitement. I knew in that moment that he was mine to play with, and I was ready to make him my naughty little secret.

I couldn’t hide how this sexy GILF was feeling even if I tried

With a sly grin, I turned on my heel and started walking back towards the house, my hips swaying gently as I moved. I could feel his eyes on me, following every curve, and I let my robe slip off my shoulders ever so slightly, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of my lacy lingerie.

The neighbor boy followed me, his breaths coming faster and more ragged. As we entered the house, I led him right up to the edge of the living room, where the coffee table stood. I glanced over my shoulder at him, biting my lip playfully, and then stepped over to the table, leaning forward slowly so that my bottom was pressing against his crotch.

He let out a stifled groan as his body responded to the soft, warm pressure of my curves. I reached back to hold onto the back of his head, pulling him closer as I leaned forward even further, pressing my breasts against the edge of the table.

I could hear him gasp, his breath hot against my neck, and I felt a shiver run down my spine.

“Be a good boy,” I whispered, looking over my shoulder at him once more. “Do what I want, and you’ll be rewarded.”

The neighbor boy nodded, eager to please me. I smiled, feeling my power over him grow.

“Stay here,” I instructed, untangling myself from his arms, and sashayed over to the kitchen, leaving him standing alone by the coffee table.

As I walked away, I could feel his eyes on my curves, following the sway of my hips as I moved. I took my time, letting the anticipation build. As I smiled to myself as I heard him shift nervously behind me.

I returned with a bottle of red wine and two glasses, setting them down on the table next to us. I poured a glass for each of us, taking a small sip of mine before setting it down and turning to face my neighbor boy once more.

With a coy smile, I reached out to him, letting my fingers trail down his chest until I reached the waistband of his pants. His breath hitched, and I knew he was just as aroused as I was, his sexy GILF toy for the evening.

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