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Submit To Your Fantasy – Sissy Hypnosis – Hailey Ownsyoursoul

It makes me laugh whenever I walk into a room and smell the scent of weak men in need of sissy hypnosis as I walk into the room. I know fairies like you think that you hide it well whenever  you try to present that desired Alpha appearance. However, there is no getting past those cross dressing, caving to the penetration of a strong Mistress, desires that reside within your soul. A soul that you should just give over to me right this instant. Submitting to your desires with sissy hypnosis will have you following the real path that leads to your ultimate desires.

Step One: Repeat after me: Only Sissy hypnosis will take me where I crave.

Surely, you are aware that I know you really put forth a good effort when it comes to presenting male. You go to work at your construction jobs, covered in dirt and grime confidently excerpting your masculinity amongst the other men. However, we know that belt you hold so tightly around your waste holds jeans over a pretty pink lace thong panty. Every time you go to the bathroom your heart races at the fear someone will open the door and find out your little secret. You can not hide it. It’s time to stop denying your true urges to feel the rush on feminine energy running through your useless loins.

Something about taking a lowly bitch sitting in front of me as I program them into being a mindless beta drone really just excites me. Having a beta repeat and repeat till the illusory truth effect kicks in is a sure way to complete this sort of programing. Submit to your fantasy, allow your fetish to cross dress and take big hard cock to take hold. Guided by your Queen you shall become the sissy you have always desired to be.

♥ Submit ♥ Give Up ♥ Worship Your Queen ♥

Drooling little sissy slut crawling at my perfectly pedicured feet, oh how you make me laugh. Although, that laughter is something you crave. After all, you know you truly are so lucky to be in my presence. You truly are inferior to my perfection. You don’t just crave me, you crave my strap on too. Absolute domination as I penetrate you, even the picture of perfect femininity, more manly then you will truly ever be.

Beg to taste me. To taste my sweet starfish puckered against your useless tongue. I can picture it now, you whimpering like the little bitch you are drooling down the front of yourself tugging at your useless fiddle stick trying to feel whatever I allow. Beg to feel me fill you, to fill all of your holes. You know there is no way you could ever please me so you just want me to fill your holes with whatever strap on I will use on you. Of course you are a pro, no need for anything too thin. Girthy like a coke can is what really makes your sissy clit trickle.

All you have to do is close your eyes and let me in.

Don’t worry, as close to the edge as you come with me, you will be so very safe. So very safe to fully immerse yourself into your own fetish desires. Although it is something you have craved for so long, I know that it is scary for you. Just give over that trust and control that I know what is best for you.

Close your eyes and let my beautiful voice guide your through every step of your self actualization. It is time to give up the game, and be the really sissy slut that your have always dreamed of being. Every last lever of your femme desires will come true with our sissy hypnosis play time.

♥ XOXO ♥

Sissy Hypnosis Queen Hailey


All Hail Queen Hailey



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