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Spellbound In A Snuff Fantasy & It’s All Your Own Fault

He was looking for a snuff fantasy from the jump when he came knocking at my door. I tried to tell him what he was in for. However, it wasn’t but two minuets before he was pleading with me to give him my best real life hex. Although I tried to explain to him the severity of both hexes and curses and cautioned him but yet he did not budge.

Therefore, I gave him precisely what he asked for.

Snuff fantasy with real world consequences

So, I lit all the right candles, combined all the naughtiest herbs and depraved of intentions together and directed him right at the target he intended to test first. His wife. Poor Brittany, she is feeling my wrath now deep inside that breaking down body of hers. He pleaded on the phone, not to hold back. It was clear his family was a problem for him. Although he loved them he got off on watching them suffer. Truly, a pleasurable fetish I had not problem fulfilling.

How close it too close

Be careful what you wish for horny man. I know you may think this is a game, that I care and can pull back once she gets too close to the edge. However, you are wrong. Nor would I ever want to. Your little spawns are next. You will watch the entirety of your bloodline fall, one member at a time starting with those closest to that pecker of yours.

I am sure you feel confident in your ability to handle the heat. It will all come crashing soon though.

You will beg for it to stop no matter how good it feels to give me that load. Do not doubt my abilities you interior man. It is I, Hailey, who will leave you in a puddle of both your own cum and tears, reaching a climax both desirable and bothersome. So bothersome in fact you will begin to doubt your own morals and ethical code of conduct you have had so many years.

You are nothing but a pet

Truly, I am sure you already know this. You have figured out that no matter how many times you ding dong to try and get my attention you are a play thing. Surely, I hope you don’t think you are the first little friend to get so addicted you hump my leg as I walk? Of course, you do. That is how the addiction starts. You would give anything and everything to be in my presence, to serve me.

One day if you are so lucky you will.

If your snuff fantasy were to come true you would be in a puddle of your own goo, serving at my feet.

• You will never escape •

• You will never find relief •

• You are Fucked •


All Hail Queen Hailey 


All Hail Queen Hailey

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